Support new queer film from Konstantinos Menelaou, “He Loves Me”


Our good friend and director Konstantinos Menelaou is preparing his new film “He Loves Me” but he needs our help! You can support him on Indiegogo here:

A fiction documentary on the subject of gay love, urban lifestyles, vices and nature.

He Loves Me is a cinematic exploration of the mentality and psychological state of gay couples and the formation of their unique lifestyle. In the case of He Loves Me, the questions asked deal with a certain lifestyle observed in big cities and usually associated with vices, sex addiction, drug taking etc. It is about the moment when all these vices take control and the truth is difficult to reach. When this happens, what is it that can bring us back to reality. Could it be nature? A simple life?

*Two of his previous short films have been screened at Outview Film Festival: “Sebastien’s Night Out” and “Lonely”.

σκηνοθέτης Κων/νος Μενελάου ετοιμάζει την καινούρια του ταινία "He Loves Me"