Outview Film Festival 2019

11-17 April

Greek Film Archives (Taeniothiki tis Ellados)

Iera Odos 48

Festival Highlights



(12/04, 20:10 and 17/04, 21:20)


(12/04, 22:10 and 16/04, 22:20)

The Artist and The Pervert

(13/04, 14:30)

Mr. Gay Syria

(13/04, 16:50)


(13/04, 19:20)


(13/04, 21:30)

Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life

(14/04, 22:00)

Carmen and Lola

(15/04, 18:00)

Wild Nights with Emily

(16/04, 20:20)

Searching Eva

(15/04, 21:40)


‘Cinema Critics, Gender Matters’: 13/04, 19:00

Following the publication of the longest-running study on gender gap in this sector of the film industry, ‘Thumbs Down 2018: Film Critics and Gender, and Why It Matters’, a distinguished panel of 7 European film critics will explore the issue of female and male representation and the inequalities that exist in all aspects of their professional field. The almost all-female panel is composed of Beatrice Behn (Kino-Zeit), Maja Bogojevic (Camera Lucida), Wendy Ide (The Guardian), Lida Galanou ( flix.gr) Poli Likourgou (flix.gr), Eleni Christodoulou (Proto Thema) and the moderator Thomas Abeltshauser (European Film Academy).

‘Hate Crime Refugees’: 14/04, 19:30

A panel conversation on LGBTQI+ people forced to flee their countries in fear of their lives, and the effects of their new, double minority status. Among the participants, apart from refugees themselves, is Mahmood Hassino, gay Syrian journalist and blogger on LGBTQI+ issues, Marina Galanou, president of SYD (Greek Transgender Support Association) and Stathis Poularakis, legal expert on asylum and immigration law. Outview 2019 will also screen these 3 documentaries that share the theme of being queer and living in, or escaping, a homophobic regime: Birds of the Borderlands on 14/04 at 17:40 (just before the panel discussion), the award-winning Mr. Gay Syria on 13/04 at 19:20 and Re-Births/ Re-Naissances on 15/04 at 20:00. Supported by Rosa Luxembourg Foundation in Athens.

‘Sex Is My Business’: 15/04, 20:00

The burning question of the nature of sex work in the 21st century will be on these panelists’ mind on Monday, 15/04 at 20:00, 2 of whom have experienced it first-hand: Jonathan Agassi, gay porn icon and protagonist of the award-winning documentary Jonathan Agassi Saved my Life (14/04, 22:30) and Eva Colle, whose life is laid bare in Searching Eva (15/04, 21:40). The latter’s director, Pia Hellenthal, will also participate, and so will Anna Apergi, Communication Manager of SYD (Greek Transgender Support Association), Betty Vakalidou, writer, and Maria Kavallaki, legal adviser at Kentro Zois (Centre for Life). The panel will be moderated by Griyoris Vallianatos, LGBTQI+ activist.

‘Kata tou Misanapirismou’ (‘Against Disablism’): 16/04, 19:00

10% of the Greek population is disabled and it is they who suffer the most from the funding cuts brought on by the financial crisis, as both their income and access to care and support are dramatically reduced. The policy changes that resulted to the loss of their benefits and dignity, and even to their very disability being questioned, are the subject of the book ‘I Anapiria stin Ellada tis Crisis’ (Disability in Greece of the crisis) by Giotta Karagianni, Associate Professor at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and one of the panelists. The rest of the speakers are Andreas Bardakis, activist and ‘Sinigoros ton Amea’ (Advocate for Persons with Disabilities), Panagiotis Dimitras, Representative of the Greek Helsinki Monitor, Ioanna Maria Gertsou, psychologist, and Adonis Rellas, director, disabled activist, founding member of ‘Kinesis Hirafaetisis Amea Mideniki Anohi’ (Movement for the Emancipation of Disabled Persons: Zero Tolerance).


No Ordinary Spirit.
Friday 12/04 at S-cape club (Iakhou 32, Athens).

Show your Festival ticket and get a free NOS shot.

Meet and Greet Felix Maritaud.
Saturday 13/04 at Shamone club (Leoforos Konstantinoupoleos 46, Athens)

Come and meet up close the protagonist of Sauvage and Jonas – both films will be screened at this year’s Outview Film Festival.

Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life Party.
Sunday 14/04 at Alexander Sauna Club. (Megalou Alexandrou 134, Athens)

Alexander Sauna Club opens its doors to everyone, irrespectively of their gender or self-identity,
for a big party with the famous gay ex-porn star Jonathan Agassi.

 Sex Is My Business Party.
Monday 15/04 at B327 bar (Sofroniou 4, Athens).

A party for all those who believe that sex work IS work and that the right to practise it is a human

Outview Closing Party.
Wednesday 17/04 at S-Cape Club (Iakhou 32, Athens).

After screening over 70 films and awarding 5 different prizes, we invite you to a spectacular closing
party at S-Cape club.


Alcohol Use
Outview Film Festival takes place at the Greek Film Archives (Taeniothiki tis Ellados.) The venue has a bar with food options that include vegetarian and vegan snacks, soft drinks and alcohol. This year’s Outview, along with Colour Youth and Proud Life LGBTQI+, supports the campaign ‘I party responsibly’. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness among LGBTQI+ persons and venues of the issues of safe levels of alcohol use and the importance of protecting and caring for each other. Therefore, the mottos of this campaign are ‘I do not serve alcohol to a visibly drunk person’ and ‘I make sure you go home safe’. More info on the care and safety we can offer can be found at the Festival venue.

Use of Personal Pronouns
The Festival and the places that entertain members of our community must create a safe space for everyone involved. It is our aim to keep our punters, guests and team members not only physically but also emotionally safe, especially in regards to their sexuality and self-identity. The Festival’s team and the volunteers have met with SYD (Greek Transgender Support Association) and Colour Youth (Athens LGBTQ Youth Association) in order to find the best possible ways to put this plan into practice. Representatives of these organisations will be present at the Festival venue to provide relevant information and incident report forms, acting as the first point of contact for any concerns or complaints.

Use of Toilet
In regards to creating a safe space, accessing the toilet without compromising our physical or emotional health is of paramount importance. To that end, Outview has arranged for all the toilets to be gender neutral for the duration of the Festival. Appointed supervisors will ensure they remain as clean as possible at all times and will hand out Roli x-press toilet cleaner and Baby Planet wipes with chamomile extract. This way, everyone using them will be responsible not only for their personal hygiene but also for leaving the space clean for the next user.