14-24 APRIL 2016
(Ιera Οdos 48 & Μeg. Αlexandrou 134-136, Metro: Κeramikos)


Entrance:         5 €
Dailyticket:     10 € / Students: € 8
Festival pass: 50 €

Unemployed are offered free entrance in the first screening each day, upon showing their unemployment card.

Official Trailer: https://vimeo.com/159699883
Music:  “Clock” by Irene Skylakaki from the album Before Dawn/Cobalt Music.

This is the 10th edition of Outview Film Festival. In the 11 days 14-24 April, at the Greek Film Archive, the festival offers a strong program with both World and European film premieres, workshop, panels, and tributes to guests!

The program is so full of films and events, that we can only give a taste of it. In the following text only the highlights of this year’s festival is mentioned!

This year’s Awards Ceremony (Saturday April 23) will be presented by the actors John Agelakis and Constantia Christoforidou.
The Closing Ceremony is organized with the support of the Brazilian Embassy in Athens!

An exhibition on LGBTQI persons and aging by Brazilian photographer Luiz Veloso will be shown in the exhibition area of the Greek film archive.  We want to give visibility to the aging part of our community!



Poster designed by Konstantinos Georgantas

With this year’s slogan GIVE ME YOUR HAND – YOU ARE WONDERFUL (a verse from the song Rock’n Roll Suicide from the legendary album of Ziggy Stardust D.Bowie) and the poster referring to David Bowie, this year’s Outview pays tribute to the man who gave a “helping hand” throughout the community of ‘different’ people for them to find social acceptance. Along with this year’s slogan Outview invites the whole society to stretch out a helping hand to those people who need it, because we firmly believe that only through solidarity and humanity can this world become a better place!




With the support of the Dutch Embassy, ​​Outview is honored to present “International Queer & Migrant Film Festival” in Amsterdam. The director of the festival Chis Belloni is presenting a program of short films, with a panel discussion afterwards. The films included in the short program is Unknown/Unloved, The Neighbors and  One Kingdom, One Love with the director Sebas Kas present and part of the panel. The panel will also consist of representatives of LGBTQI+ migrants in Athens, and greek film makers.

The goal of this program is to problematize the double minority of the migrant LGBTQI+ persons.  The films connected to this theme, are all dealing with migration, race and suppression in different ways.  The opening film “A Escondidos” (Hidden Away),  Je Suis A Toi (All Yours), Oriented (with the support of the Israeli Embassy), Xenia, Akri Tis Polis.


Merce Cunningham, Charles Atlas
Merce Cunningham, Charles Atlas

With the support of the American Embassy, this thematic tribute investigates the most innovative trends in connection between dance – movement – gender – video, focused in America from 1950 until today. Through the sequence of several artists who have experimented on the expression of movement and physicality, move the boundaries of gender through dance and new forms of art and technology accompanying it. Archival screenings of rare films, performance, panels and four special guests for this program is Charles Atlas, Wu Tsang, boychild and Patrick Belaga.

Charles Atlas is a video artist and film director who also does lighting and set design. He is a pioneer in developing media-dance, also called dance for camera. Media dance is work that is created directly for the camera. While Atlas’ primary artistic medium is video, he also began to experiment with live electronic performance in 2003. Atlas worked collaboratively with Merce Cunningham from 1975 to 1981. Before his time as the Cunningham company’s filmmaker-in-residence (1978 – 1983), when he made 10 dance films, Atlas was an assistant stage manager for the company, and was already filming Cunningham in little experimental movement studies during breaks from rehearsal. Following his work with Cunningham, he worked independently in film while collaborating with other professionals in the field. In the film “Locale” we see the Cunningham company from 1975. Meet him at the cinema Saturday 23 of April

Moved by the Motion, is a performance collaboration between Wu Tsang and boychild, featuring experimental cellist Patrick Belaga. As an ongoing series, the performance explores different modes of storytelling through an improvisational structure of voice, movement, and musical score. Outview is proud to present the performance in collaboration with The Breeder Gallery on Saturday 23 of April.



Gerald McCullouch

Among the names in the list of  the top 100 well know people that are openly out, in the journal OUT,  we find the name of our guest Gerald McCullouch.  Most known from the American series CSI, which screened for 10 years, and also the series Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, and Law & Order. Outview is proud to present his first feature film as a director and and actor!

With over 1,000,000 views on youtube, Sherry Vine is entitled the Queen of video-parody. As our guest The legendary Sherry Vine will give us a world premier of her new extremely funny movie inspired by James Bond, «Just For One Day».
With the support of the American Embassy

Sherry Vine


The Hungry Hearts

It is no secret that Eurovision is a gay affair! The Norwegian lesbian band The Hungry Hearts took part in Melodi Grand Prix, competing to represent Norway in this year’s Eurovision. Although not passing to the final four, they gave us a perfect picture of a queer anthem! With their song LAIKA they pay tribute to the dog sent into space by the Russians. They made a statement about animal rights and the homophobia of the Russian government. The group’s leader Tonje Gjevjon is also the director of the first gay & lesbian Bollywood Indo-Norwegian production “Life Is a Moment”,  The Hungry Harts plays a large role in the film. Greek premiere in Outview 16 of April.

You will also be able to experience the live performance by the band at the Lesbian Party at Booz Saturday 16 of April, and we are proud to be the first host of the band in Athens.

With the support of the Norwegian Embassy.


The Fat Body (In)visible
The Fat Body (In)visible

”It’s time to address the elephant in the room: Fatness is NEITHER funny, NOR a sign of failure, and it is definitely NOT disgusting. Fatphobia is what is disgusting, and everyone’s apparent birthright to negatively comment on fat bodies.”

This year Outview Film Festival presents a panel which is a conversation between five feminine-presenting fat people about the politics of fatness in Greece and the Netherlands. Through sharing personal experiences, we will explore the political, social and emotional consequences of being fat in a fat phobic world. We will discuss questions like: how does fatness impact sexuality and how does it intersect with sexism, ableism and racism? What does fat phobia in the medical establishment look like and why is everyone so concerned with our health? Why do perfect strangers feel they have the right to tell us that we would be really beautiful if we would just lose 5 kilos? What if fatties stopped  apologising for their existence and linked arms in a fatty chain, promising to DEVOUR fatphobes alive?



From the collection of short films of the Berlin Porn Film Festival to a film retrospective of the recognized director and our special guest Jan Soldat – whose films cause debate wherever they are played – to the harsh reality of shocking Chemsex, produced by the English Vice, we reach the famous Falcon Studio, Chuck Holmes’ gay porn empire.

To close the tribute we have the “Prison System Party” in a specially designed room in Alexander Sauna.

The screenings of Jan Soldat is made with the support of the Goethe Institute and the projection of Chemsex with the support of Positive Voice.


Burroughs: the movie – Howard Brookner

Uncle Howard (2016, official participation at this year’s Berlinale), is not only the documentary of the directors uncle named Howard but is also the amazing portrait of the director behind the documentary Burroughs: The Movie (1983). A cinematic ride of a decade incredibly strong for the gay community in New York City, starring William S. Burroughs, Jim Jarmusch, Robert Wilson and the other artists of the period.

With the support of the American Embassy


Game Face – Michiel Thomas

In this program we want to promote open acceptance, equality, respect and safety for all athletes, without regard to sexual orientation.

The award-winning documentary GAME FACE (official participation at 40 festivals – 6 audience awards and five jury awards).  Our hero GREG LOUGANIS and the documentary BACK ON BOARD narrating his life in sport. The tribute is completed by powerful and emotional short films Stella Walsh who was one of the most celebrated female athletes on the planet until he death revealed her secret.



Margarita With A Straw – Shonali Bose, Nilesh Maniyar

As every year,  we tried to find and integrate films that intersect thematically sexuality and disability. This year we screen the award-winning film that has made it to many festivals and givs visibility to social groups that receive multiple stigmatization. The amazing and absolutely heartwarming movie Margarita with a straw of Shonali Bose and Nilesh Maniyar will capture you!



For the first time in Outview’s history it has been easier to find a significantly larger proportion of female / lesbian films, and we have more female guests.

The historical perspective and connecting us to our roots in literature the last work of “priestess of lesbian cinema”, Barbara Hammer  “Welcome to This House” tell the historic life of the award winning poet Elizabeth Bishop.

The stormy life of the lesbian writer Violette Leduc who was contemporary with Sartre, Cocteau and Genet while Albert Camus published her work and Simone de Beauvoir encouraged to continue writes, is presented both in the fiction film Violette and the documentary film Violette Leduc: Ιn pursuit of Love. The director Esther Hoffenberg is present for the screening as our special guest.

Definitely do not miss Vulva 3.0 of Ulrike Zimmermann and Claudia Richarz (official Berlinale participation) which explores with humor and critical thinking the “idealized” vulvas, according to the standards of the mainstream porn industry, which in fact are not the real shape of most female genital mutilation, and deepen the topic of plastic surgery that promises that the scalpel will do the “magic” trick. With the support of Rosa Louxenbourg foundation.

In Barash, from our nearby Tel Aviv, we meet Naama’s encounter with a “wild” new girl in school and discovers for the first time, the heavenly euphoria of first love. The beautiful protagonist is present for the screening. With the support of the Israeli Embassy.

In The Duke of Burgundy by Peter Strickland (European Film Awards 2015) brings us into the relation between the mistress and the slave, revealing a lesbian sensual artistic sadomasochistic relationship! Going further in tribute we turn back to the 70’s in Paris, when the feminist and left movements give hope. We meet two gorgeous women in La belle saison (Summertime) award-winning lesbian filmmaker Catherine Corsini.  The life of academic Christine Delphy and activist who fought along with Monique Wittig and Simone de Beauvoir, we learn more about through the documentary I’m not a feminist, but …

The French Institute in Athens is supporting all the French films and our guest Esther Hoffenberg!



Two 4 One – Maureen Bradley

Something often forgotten or given less weight and visibility in the LGBTIQ community is the films describing the lives of the transgender. The last year we have seen an emerging of documentaries about trans women, and also some trans men. This year we see the pendulum is swinging more towards films with/about  trans men. We host the director of Two 4 One, Maureen Bradley, who is in addition to present her film is also offering a workshop on micro budget filmmaking.

In the program Trans Queer Hot Shorts we meet our guest Skyler Braeden Fox from Canada/Berlin and the group Minus is Válido from Barcelona. Keep your eyes open for more short films such as Passing, Brothers and many others scattered in short programs.

The director Maureen Bradley comes to Athens with the support of the Embassy of Canada.



SMAC – Ilias Dimitriou

Supporting the Greek Queer Cinema, Outview screens ALL Greek films submitted. This year there are more than 10 short Greek films and the new feature film by  Elias Demetriou, SMAC, starring Vaggelio Andreadaki and John Kokiasmeno. It premiered at the Thessaloniki Film Festival and won Best Actress Award at the Awards Greek Film Academy Awards. Remarkable is the short film Spectrum with official participation at the 18th Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki, which shows how the  multifaceted problem of gender identity is accepted by the Greek society and legislation, through the personal stories of three people.


Eisenstein in Guanajuato – Peter Greenaway

From Gerontophilia, by Canadian director Bruce La Bruce, that made world premiere at the Venice festival, Gay Loveness tribute of Outview goes by Chile (with the support of the Chilean Embassy in Athens) and the directorial debut of Claudio Marcone with the great film “En la gama de los crisis” (In the Gray Scale) (official participation Frameline film festival and 15 other festivals). But our dedication would not be complete if we didn’t include a secret, unfulfilled ordinary love, what with your best friend who describes perfectly dramaturgical and “cunning” movie Those People of Joey Kuhn (40 official appearances at festivals and audience award at Outfest). Love is associated with death and who else could describe it more poetically by Peter Greenaway in his latest film Eisenstein in Guanajuato;

With the support of: