Outview Film Festival 2015: Discussion on Gender & Queer Politics


Within our tribute to Gender this year, Outview Film Festival 2015 is organizing a discussion on Queer and Gender & Queer Politics, on Wednesday the 13th of May 2015 at 17.30, at the Greek Film Archive (Iera Odos & M. Alexandrou st.)

Our official guest and main speaker will be the French queer theorist and activist Marie-Hélène/Sam Bourcier.

Marie-Hélène/Sam will talk about current Queer politics. What is a queer agenda; if there is any? How does it differ from L&G assimilationist, homonormative and homonationalist politics, that focus on marriage and inclusion in the nation? How queer politics and transfeminism which are willing to address social transformation and economical distribution address neoliberal biopolitics?

There are two distinct currents at this moment at work in the LGBT & Queer struggle: and these trends and their contrast are largely expressed through the current LGBT & Queer Cinema.

To speak about this connection of cinema and politics, we are more than happy to have as guest speakers: Sam Feder, director of the documentary on Kate Bornstein, «Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger» -which we will be screening after the end of the event- and Bard Yden, Director of Skeive Filmer Film Festival, the
Oslo LGBT Film Festival. How is the current LGBTQ cinema formed, which parts are expressed and promoted, and why other queer expressions and demands always remain in the background, even though they seem to be at the very core of the queer theory’s revolutionary ideas?

Among the speakers will also be Marina Galanou, the Director of the Greek Transgender Association, Erofili Kokkali, member of the greek activist grassroot group QueerTrans and more people belonging to greek LGBTQ activist groups -in an attempt of ours to connect the latest developments around queer theory with the greek reality.

The discussion will be held in both English and Greek, with the help of a member of the Lesbian Group of Athens!

See you there!

Συζήτηση πάνω στα Gender & Queer Politics και τη σχέση τους με τον Queer Κινηματογράφο - Outview.Gr - Film FEstival 2015

A few words on Marie-Hélène/Sam Bourcier
Queer activist and theorist, Marie-Hélène/Sam Bourcier is Associated Professor of Cultural Studies, Feminist Studies and Queer Studies at the University of Lille III.

She founded Le ZOO, the first queer group in France in 1996. He translated Teresa de Lauretis and Monique Wittig into French and writes extensively on medias, gender and sexual politics, pornography and post-pornography, queer subcultures and politics. Curator for the the Lesbian Film Festival in Paris, he ran the Paris Porn Film Festival. He is the author of the trilogy Queer Zones 1, Politique des identités sexuelles et des savoirs (2001), Queer Zones 2, Sexpolitiques (2005), Queer Zones 3, Identités, Cultures, Politics (2011).

He is currently working on a book sex and neoliberalism and discriminations at university.

A few words on Sam Feder
Sam Feder is a Brooklyn-based, multidisciplinary artist exploring interpersonal power dynamics and the politics of media-driven identity. Their directorial debut, the award winning feature, BOY I AM, is cited as one of the 10-must-see gender documentaries.

Feder’s work can be seen internationally at film festivals, universities and colleges, museums, and libraries. They have received national grants, fellowships, and residencies from the Jerome Foundation Grant, the RFA Excellence in Filmmaking Grant, Frameline Completion Fund, Crossroads Foundation, Funding Exchange, Astraea Foundation for Social Justice, and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Feder was granted a 2013 Yaddo Artist Residency, and a 2013 MacDowell Colony Fellow Residency.

* Note: Both Marie-Hélène/ Sam Bourcier and ο Sam Feder choose not to identify themselves within the dipole male-female. Marie-Hélène/ Sam prefers to be addressed with the pronouns “he/she” on occasion, while Sam Feder uses the pronouns “he/him” or “they”; and both of them use the gendered pronouns with a strongly subversive mood.