In the Grayscale


In the Grey Scale

1 h 41 min

Pain, changes and reconstruction of being during an overwhelming present.

Release Date
Country  Chile
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In the Grayscale (En la gama de los grisis) by Claudio Marcone

Pain, changes and reconstruction of being during an overwhelming present. Bruno (35) is an architect with a perfect life but not so much at ease with himself.  He is married, he has a son, a nice house, a nice car…but his life is suddenly turned upside down as he meets Fer a young teacher and tourist guide helping him for an architectural project in the heart of Santiago de Chile.

Miami International Film Festival 2015 (Best First Film)

Frameline, San Francisco LGBT Film Festival (Jury Award for Best First Feature)


In the Grayscale

Country: Chile
Release: 2015
Director: Claudio Marcone
Duration: 101’

Will be screened with Greek and English subtitles at Outview Film Festival 2016

Screening 15 April 2016

Screening 17 Αpril 2016