Safe Word (en)


Safe Word

Todd Lillethun

20140 h 16 min

A young gay couple decides to spice up their relationship and find themselves in peril when fantasy and reality start to blur.

Director Todd Lillethun
Release Date 2014
Country  USA
Movie Language
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Safe Word by Todd Lillethun

A young gay couple engages in a role-playing fantasy in order to spice up their relationship. Greg, the expert, seeks pleasure as a terrified sailor who is bound to a chair when pirates hijack his boat. Billy, the novice, must overcome his squeamishness to become a vicious buccaneer and extort Greg for the location of hidden treasure.

When a surprise guest changes the stakes, the fantasy turns into a twisted endgame with shocking results.

Safe Word

Country: USA
Production: 2014
Director: Todd Lillethun
Duration: 16’

The film will be screened with greek subtitles at Outview Film Festival 2015