My Body My Rules


My Body My Rules

Émilie Jouvet


Director Émilie Jouvet
Release Date 2017
Country  Germany,   France
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Eight people will reveal the magic,cruel, sensuel, powerful relationship they have with their own bodies.The adventure of the film is multiple: the objective is to give voice and images to women whose body or sexuality is seen as non-standard, unseen or without speaking. The film will highlight possible resistance through an intimate portrait gallery, collective experimentations, tantra, exchange of fluids and knowledge and rituals

Chéries-Chéris Festival 2017: Jury Prize

Supported by the Embassy of France


My Body My Rules
Country: France/ Germany
Production: 2017
Director: Emilie Jouvet
Duration: 71′


The movie will be screened with greek subtitles at Outview Film Festival 2018.


Emilie Jouvet will be at the panel discussionEmpowering Women in the Film Industry“. Learn more here.

For the facebook event click here.

Émilie Jouvet is a French filmmaker, photographer and contemporary artist. In 2006 she directed her first feature, One Night Stand, a post-porn and feminist pro-gender queer lesbian and transgender film. In 2009 she assembled an ephemeral troupe of performers for a European tour during the shooting of her film Too Much Pussy! Feminist Sluts, A Queer X Show. Her first monograph of photographs, “Émilie Jouvet The Book”, was published by Womart editions in 2014.

Outview Screening: My Body, My Rules (Dir. Émilie Jouvet, 2017)