The series show re-edited film clips from classic movies from the time before the millennium. Every video shows an excerpt from a scene where the action involves a woman stereotypical of the time the movie was created. The clips are accompanied by new soundtracks with speech and sound referring to tendencies and issues affecting woman in modern society. You will see clips from Lolita, Some like it Hot, Snow White, Friday the 13th and Psycho. These movies are now addressing the topics of climate change, digital communication, the self-help industry, cosmetic surgery and online harassment.









Marte Hodne Haugen is a Norwegian artist born in Stavanger in 1979. She is educated from the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, and works mainly with video and performance. Her production consists of different kinds of musical compositions in combination with visual and literary expressions. She uses the construction and functions from medias normally used to entertain or inform and transform them into illustrations of social construction and functions. She examines the formulas used in different types of media to understand and clarify social norms, and to challenge the audience in the meeting between the familiar and the new definition of the media. Haugen also works with collaboration projects, were she is singing and playing in different performance bands. She has previously been part of The Textfukkers who are merging art theory and music and TBFKAMHHAMD who merges hit songs with personal lyrics about the art scene. Her latest project is called Disneyland after Dark, which uses songs from Disney movies and rewrites them into songs about the internet as a virtual fairytale world. Her works has been shown at galleries, music scenes and film festivals like The National Autumn exhibition, Uppsala international short-film festival and Festival International de Film et Video de Creation.

With the support of the Norwegian Embassy


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