Don’t Call Me Son


Don't Call Me Son

Anna Muylaert

20161 h 22 min

Pierre is seventeen and in the middle of puberty. He plays in a band, has sex at parties and secretly tries on women’s clothing and lipstick in front of a mirror. Ever since his father’s death, his mother Aracy has looked after him and his younger sister Jacqueline, spoiling them both. But when he discovers that she stole him from a hospital when he was a new born baby, Pierre’s life changes dramatically. In her new film, director Anna Muylaert explores the mother-child relationship through the eyes of a rebellious son whose whole world unravels overnight.

Director Anna Muylaert
Release Date 2016
Country  Brazil

Pierre is a tall, dark and beautifully androgynous boy, who wears eyeliner, black lace panties, and has sex with boys and girls. His life turns upside down when his mother gets arrested for stealing him and his sister when they were born. Through DNA results, he locates his biological parents and returns to them, in a well-off family who warmly welcomes him – until he appears for a bowling game in a zebra-print mini dress.

Valladolid International Film Festival 2016: Best Actor, Best Director, and Rainbow Spike Award
Berlin International Film Festival 2016: Teddy award
Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival 2017

Supported by the Embassy of Brazil

Don’t Call Me Son
Country: Brazil
Production: 2016
Director: Anna Muylaert
Duration: 88′


The movie will be screening at Outview Film Festival 2018