9th Outview Film Festival, 7-15 May 2015


7-15 MAY 2015

Outview Film Festival 2015

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In collaboration with NEO Films multi award winning film PRIDE will be this year’s opening film for Outview Film Festival on the 7th May 2015.

Realizing that they share common foes in Margaret Thatcher, the police and the conservative press, London-based gays and lesbians lend their support to striking coal miners in 1984 Wales.

The film will be presented by well known writer/actor Giorgos Kapoutzidis and members from the hit TV show “Greek National Team”


ZENNE Dancer

The classic Turkish film “ZENNE Dancer” will be the closing film of the festival. The film has been inspired by the life story of gay activist Ahmet Yildiz who was murdered by his own father while he was still 26 years old.

Before the screening the festival awards will be announced.

zenne dancer outview


Tribute to 70s French Gay Erotic Cinema

Outview Film Festival dives straight into the 70s French pornographic culture. In collaboration with the French Institute we will re-discover this important segment of queer cinema with official guest Philippe Vallois. In 1976 Philippe Vallois made the groundbreaking film “Johan: Mon été 75”, one of the first feature length films which presented on screen gay sex. In 1977 French director Jacques Scandelari, under the pseudonym Marvin Merkins will make the film “New York City Inferno”, exploring for the first time New York’s underground S & M and leather scene.
The documentary “Mondo Homo: A Study of French Gay Porn in the 70’s” by Hervé Joseph Lebrun, studies this history of French gay porn from 1975 to 1983.

johan philippe vallois outview Το

Tribute to Gender & Queer Politics

This year Outview Film Festival has a great tribute to gender and queer politics with official guests Sam Feder, director of the documentary “Kate Borstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger”, Saga Becker protagonist of the film “Something Must Break”, and Marie-Hélène Bourcier/ Sam queer activist and Bard Yden, director the Oslo Skeive Film Festival.
This tribute is in collaboration with the US, Swedish and Norwegian Embassies

The films of the tribute are:

Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger
Performance artist and writer Kate Bornstein explodes binaries while deconstructing gender—and her own identity. Trans-dyke. Reluctant polyamorist. Sadomasochist. Recovering Scientologist. Pioneering gender outlaw. Sam Feder’s playful and meditative portrait on Bornstein, captures rollicking public performances and painful personal revelations as it bears witness to Kate as a trailblazing artist-theorist-activist who inhabits a space between male and female with wit, style and astonishing candor.

Something Must Break
A love story between two young men where one is the androgynous Sebastian and one is Andreas who is not gay. They form a unity. It’s them against the polished Swedish IKEA society. They dream about escaping boredom and the risk of becoming what everyone else is. And then there is Ellie – the superwoman growing inside of Sebastian who Andreas loves and fears. This is the summer when everything happens and both of them will choose paths that will determinate their lives forever.

Boy Meets Girl
Funny and provocative, Boy Meets Girl vividly captures the giddy excitement, sexual heat, and inherent heartache of “non-traditional” love in a small town. Ricky (Michelle Hendley) is a 21-year-old trans girl living in Kentucky. Her only real friend, straight-laced Robby, has been her trusty, totally platonic, confidant for over 15 years. Her day job slinging lattes is merely a stepping-stone toward her goal of being a famous New York designer. She’s confident, cool, and completely ready for something new-and then her world is transformed when an enchanting debutante saunters into her life.

The documentary ”Nana” is the portrait of a seventy-year-old trans woman who lives in Thessaloniki. The combination of narrative, observation and archival footage creates an image of her chequered past, as well as the hard everyday life a trans person faces in Greek reality.

A Box Made of wood
Constantinos lives free in a body of his choice. Vasilis returns to the family home for a new beginning. A box made of wood hides a past between two brothers whose mother dissociated. The box opens. Vasilis resists his mother’s obsessions. He wants to know his brother for a second time.

Technical Difficulties of Intimacy
Technical Difficulties of Intimacy is a groundbreaking new film about a trans-man and a trans-woman, who try to salvage their relationship by exploring new sexual horizons.

Queer Family Tribute

20 Lies, 4 Parents and a Little Egg
The story of couple Sjors and Bert, who are abruptly introduced to the 15 year old Dylan. He happens to be Sjors’ son, a fact Sjors forgot. Dylan is evicted by his mother and her girl friend. From that moment on, the lives of Sjors and Bert are turned upside down. A film about lively adolescents and infantile parents and their incompetence.

blue-not-so-pinkBlue and Not So Pink
The story of Diego, a young and successful photographer that lives in the glamorous world of fashion, shallowness and excess. A tragic accident turns his world around; his partner is now in a coma. Unexpectedly, and right at this terrible time, Diego must take care of his son, Armando. Now, both of them have to adapt to each other; Armando to the unknown, homosexual world of his father, and Diego to the closed attitude of his teenage son.

Helicopter Mom
Maggie Cooper thinks it would be so cool if her son Lloyd were gay. So cool in fact that she signs him up for a college scholarship for gay kids, sets him up on dates and then for good measure outs him to the entire school. And then Lloyd meets a girl.

Jack’s Wish
Only-child Jack has two mothers, and all he wants for his birthday is a baby brother. But he gets a giant rabbit instead. Jack’s had enough, so he dons a pair of rabbit ears and refuses to remove them until he gets a baby bro. When he finds out where he himself came from – he was ordered online – he is ecstatic. Easy! But slowly he realises it’s not so simple to put in an order for a baby brother.

One Out Of Three
Ricki divorced her husband three years ago. Together with her daughter Noor, she moved in with her elder brother Yakir and his partner Ran. That temporary living arrangement became an especially alternative family when Ricki, her brother and his partner decide to have a child together and become a parenting trio. They face many challenges along the way and are forced to create their own family rules.

The David Dance
David, the host of a local gay radio show in Buffalo, New York, struggles with self-doubt when his single sister asks him to be the father figure for her soon to be adopted Brazilian child. This story explores the exceptionally colorful relationship between a brother and sister, and the impact of the spoken word on the human spirit.

Free Screenings

matt shepard is a friend of mineMatt Shepard is a Friend of Mine
On the 11th May the documentary “ Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine” will be screened with free admission. Director Michel Josue will be at the festival to present her film.
MATT SHEPARD IS A FRIEND OF MINE is a film about the Matthew Shepard behind the headlines. An honest and intimate portrait of Matt as he is remembered by those who knew him, it is the story of loss, love, and grief that does not go away. As such, the film will provide a proxy for a wide variety of people and communities to experience first hand the devastation of intolerance, the power of love, and the beauty of compassion.

Out In The Night
Under the neon lights in a gay-friendly neighborhood of New York City, four young African-American lesbians are violently and sexually threatened by a man on the street. They defend themselves against him and are charged and convicted in the courts and in the media as a ‘Gang of Killer Lesbians’.


Photography Exhibition: Raspberry Reich GR
Photographer Menelas is inspired by the infamous movie Raspberry Reich by Bruce LaBruce and bring the pink revolution to Greece in 2014. His photos comment on the political and social reality without forgetting the LGBT community itself.

New York City Inferno Party
Friday 8th May
After the screening of “New York City Inferno” there will be a hot party at Alexander Sauna

Tru Love Women’s Party
“Cyberdykes Reunion!”
Saturday 9th May 2015 @ Booze Cooperativa
Outview Film Festival in collaboration with lesbian.gr organizes the largest annual women only party of the year. DJ sets by Gina, Nicol and Miss Shy.

Monday 11th May
Clips from selected masterpieces of gay porn will illustrate this emotional ride into the historic dimensions of carnal desire in a city that lost its innocence long ago.
Together with his assistant Sascha from a new generation of sex addicts, Jürgen Anger invites you to join a spectacular circus of exhibitionism.

Tuesday 12th May
There will be a discussion on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which is a major hot topic at the moment.

Arm Wrestling Event & Party
Tuesday 12th May 2015 at Beaver
After the screening of the short film “Female Masculinity Appreciation Society“, there will be an arm wrestling even with the directors of the film serving as referees!

Panel Gender & Queer Politics & Cinema
Wednesday 13th May 2015
In the exhibition area of the Greek Film Archive there will be a discussion on Queer politics, gender and Queer Cinema

Brazil flavoured event
Thursday 14th May
After the screening of the Brazilian film “Reaching for the Moon” there will be an event in the cinema foyer with flavours and drinks from Brazil. The screening and event are dedicated to the memory of Brazilian queer activist Suzy Capo.

“Take me to Tel Aviv” Party
Friday 15th May at the Apartment club
Lesbian Dj Ellyott and poledancer Neta Lee Levy take us on a wonderful trip to Tel Aviv with delicious treats by famed Israeli chef Ayelet Shematovich!

Official Guests

Our international guests are:

Philippe Vallois – Director(Johan, Zeus The Cat)
Saga Becker – Actress(Something Must Break)
Don Scime – Actor/writer(The David Dance)
Justin Weinstein – Director/Producer (An Honest Liar)
Tyler Measom – Director/Producer (An Honest Liar)
Sam Feder – Director (Kate Borstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger)
Michele Josue – Director (Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine)
Bard Yden – Director Oslo LGBT Film Festival
Marie Helene Boucier/Sam – Queer Activist
Telémachos Alexiou – Director
DJ Ellyott – Dj
Neta Lee Levy – Performance Artist
Ayelet Latovitch – Chef


Our Jury is
Dimitris Karatzias – Director
Olga Malea – Director
Olimpia Mitilinaiou – Photography Director
Argiris Ksafis – Director /Actor
Iosif Proimakis – Film Critic

The festival jury will give out the awards for “Best Feature Film” and “Best Documentary”

The nominations for Best Feature Film are:

Boy Meets Girl / Boys / Eat With Me / Futuro Beach / Helicopter Mom / Jack’s Wish / Land Of Storms / Nordland / Of Girls And Horses / Pride / Something Must Break / The Foxy Merkins / The Samurai / Zeus The Cat / Queen Antigone

The nominations for Best Documentary are:

An Honest Liar / Do I Sound Gay? / Drag Becomes Him / Fassbinder – To Love Without Demands / Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger / Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine
Out in the Night / Regarding Susan Sontag/ The Case Against 8

Antivirus Award for Best Short Film
Lina Lachanioti, Manolis Vamvounis and Dimitris Varelas from Antivirus magazine are the jury for the Best Short Film Award. All short films under 25 min are nominated for the award.

Audience Award
The Audience Award will be given out to the film which will have the most votes. All feature films and documentaries are nominated.

Award Ceremony
The award ceremony will take place on the 15th May at the Greek Film Archive before the screening of the closing film “Zenne Dancer”