Empowering Women In The Film Industry


Outview Film Festival 2018

Panel Discussion: Empowering Women In The Film Industry

Saturday 21 April

The 2018 Outview Film Festival is organizing the Panel Discussion: Empowering Women In The Film Industry, in order to contribute to the battle of gender equality in the movie industry, which will constitute one of Greece’s most ambitious panel discussions, regarding equality for women in the industry.

Considering the movements which have sprung up regarding female equality in every social aspect and space (#MeToo, Time’s Up), as well as the now-famous movement about women working in Hollywood, the time has come for Outview to take a stand and lead the discussion on female creators in cinema (similarly to the last Outview panel on the issue of “Double Minority”).

At the same time, for this year’s festival we created a campaign based on the term of “reclaiming”. This way, we are using what would be an otherwise “offensive slur” towards women (especially mothers) as our central slogan, in order to deconstruct it and thus turn it into a positive term.

The following statistics highlight the obvious inequality in the movie industry, which will be the focus of our panel:

88% to 92% of parts which were about characters working in fields as professors, doctors, judges, athletes, were men

In the 90 years that the Oscars are being held, only 5 female directors have been nominated for the award for best director and, in 2010, only one woman in the history of the Oscars has actually won it the award for best director.


Box Office 2014

Το 85% of movie producers were men

Το 75% of movie directors were men

Το 80% of screenwriters were men

Το 71% of the speaking characters in the films were men

Το 77% of the characters whose role depicted them as being employed were men

88% to 92% of characters working in various fields as professors, doctors, judges or athletes, were men


90 Years of Oscars

Only five female directors have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director, and only one woman in the history of the Oscars has won the award, in 2010.


Bechdel Τest – 45% of 2015 blockbusters HAVE NOT passed this simple test!


  1. Does the movie feature at least two named female characters?
  2. Does the movie feature at least two named female characters talking with each other?
  3. Does the movie feature at least two named female characters talking with each about something other than men?


Nowadays the Bechdel Test has been employed by all cinematic areas which seek to ban gender inequality from the movie industry.




Susanne Sachße

Susanne Sachße is a German actress and former member of the Berliner Ensemble. Among other works, she has directed The Magic Flute: An Opera in 6 Steps at the 80WSE Gallery in New York and in 2017 she was honored with a Premio Maguey Queer Icon Award at the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Mexico. She is widely known for her starring roles in numerous films of Bruce LaBruce.

Outview Screening: The Misandrists (Dir. Bruce LaBruce, 2017)


Fawzia Mirza

Fawzia Mirza is a Pakistani-Canadian film and television actress, writer, producer and comedian. She has focused on projects relating to the LGBT community, particularly relating to being a queer Muslim woman. She is known for her works such as web series Kim Kardashian and the film Signature Move, in which she is also starring.

Outview Screening: Signature Move (Dir. Fawzia Mirza, 2017)


Émilie Jouvet

Émilie Jouvet is a French filmmaker, photographer and contemporary artist. In 2006 she directed her first feature, One Night Stand, a post-porn and feminist pro-gender queer lesbian and transgender film. In 2009 she assembled an ephemeral troupe of performers for a European tour during the shooting of her film Too Much Pussy! Feminist Sluts, A Queer X Show. Her first monograph of photographs, “Émilie Jouvet The Book”, was published by Womart editions in 2014.

Outview Screening: My Body, My Rules (Dir. Émilie Jouvet, 2017)


Limor Shmila


Limor Shmila is an Israeli writer, director, and a casting director. During her studies she directed the short films Shabbat Shalom and Crime Car. During the last 10 years she has been one of the leading casting directors in Israel, working on films such as Big Bad Wolves, Yona, and Sand Storm, for which she received the Israel Film Academy’s prize for best casting in 2016.

Outview Screening: Montana (Dir. Limor Shmila, 2017)


Andria Wilson


Andria Wilson is an arts administrator with a diverse work history across non-profit organizations. She has spent the last 15 years in Halifax, where she was an integral contributor to the arts and LGBTQ+ communities, and in 2011 she co-founded OUTeast, Atlantic Canada’s Queer Film Festival. In 2016, she also served as the Festival Producer of the TD Halifax Jazz Festival. She was the Operations Manager for the East Coast Music Association, the first Managing Producer for the 2b theatre company and the founder and producer of Left Foot First Productions. She also worked for the Atlantic Film Festival for 6 years and was the Artistic Director of the 2014 Creative Nova Scotia Awards.

Representative of the Inside Out Foundation (LGBTQ+ Film Festivals in Toronto & Ottawa)


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