This year Outview adds two new awards, in addition Best Ntokimanter- Best Film – Audience Award – Best Short Film), :

The first award we have called “Best Activist Film” which will be given a film that, not necessarily is distinguished by it’s cinematic virtues, but that of that the topic will contribute to “educate” society and deserves to be displayed in public places, social institutions and schools and for social actions against homophobia.

The second new award is the “Best Greek Short Film” witch will be decided by the organizing committee of the festival. The Outview Film Festival wants to support the Greek Queer Cinema and annually screens all Greek films submitted to us. The best of the short films are being brought with us when we traveling to international LGBTQI + Film Festival, and distributed through the large network of programmers from other festivals.


Κωνσταντία Χριστοφορίδου και ο Γιάννης Αγγελάκης
Κωνσταντία Χριστοφορίδου και ο Γιάννης Αγγελάκης

This year’s Closing Ceremony / Awards Ceremony (Sunday April 24th at The Greek Film Archive) will be led by the actors John Agelakis and Constantia Christoforidou. The Awards will in turn be presented by famous actors, directors and activists of our community.

The ceremony will be followed by a small reception in foyer of the Greek Film Archive with Brazilian flavors, sponsored by the Brazilian Embassy in Athens.

We would like to thank the creators of the Closing Ceremony Akis Gourzoulidis, Memi Mug, Helen Folerou, Nicole Chorinopoulou and script by Michael Gkinos.
The Technical Support is done with the kind courtesy of the AudioVisual company Podimatas AudioVisual





Laëtitia Κulyk,  Kostantinos Kontovrakis, Marina Konti, Makis Gazis, Jacqueline Lentzou 



The films in competition for best feature film are:

A escondidas (Hidden Away) / Barash Beira-Mar (Seashore) /Daddy Eisenstein in GuanajuatoIn the Grayscale  / Je Suis A Τoi (Αll Υours) / La belle saison (Summertime)Life is a momentMargarita With A Straw / SMAC Those people / When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere / You’re Killing me 

The films in competition of the best documentary are: 

Chemsex / I’m not a feminist, but… /Feelings Are Facts: The Life of Yvonne RainerHaftanlage 4164 – Σωφρονιστικό Ίδρυμα 4164 / ElectroboyGame Face / One Kingdom, One Love / Oriented / Parole de King / Seed Μoney: The Chuck Holmes Story  / Upstairs Inferno / Uncle Howard / Welcome to this House

Short foreign films in competition: 

Films up to 25 min duration. Both fiction and documentary films. 

11 Life lessons from an awesome old dykeAdrift in SunsetAmore ProssimoBOOTWMN Brothers Coming HomeDer Besuch (Η επίσκεψη)  /  Destruction of Dude / Em Defesa Da Familia ( In defence for the family) /Fluent Girl Talk  / Heavenly PeaceHeavens to Betsy  / Hello TittyI Am a Tourist: I Would Like to See Him Naked  / Just for One Day  / La MáscaraLa Tana (The Den) /  Noam  / Passing Trilogy of KinkSan CristóbalThe First SessionThe Neighbourhood  / Unknown UnlovedVagina is the Warmest ColourWe could be parents 

Short films Greek in competition: 

Αχίλλειος πτέρνα (Αchilles Heel)Κουκουβάγιες (The Owls)Keep The Hood On / Μισή ζωή -Half Life /Πάθος (Pathos)PARTING / ΠΡΟΣΕΥΧΗ / PROSEFHI: GREEK SCHOOL PRAYER / ΡΕΙΝΜΠΟ ΚΡΗΤΙΚΗ ΛΕΒΕΝΤΙΑ/Rainbow Cretan GallantryΣκόρπιες Σκέψεις Ενός Νεαρού Sex Worker / Spectrum ΤΑΤΤΟΟ The Escape Hatch /ΤΡΙΓΕΝΗ_ιιι the_mother

Activist Award 

A new category of awards this year. All films are included and the Jury will decide the award.  

Audience award

The audience are urged to fill in voting cards at the cinema and vote for their favorite film.  The award will be presented on April 24 after counting the votes.


Sherry Vine (performer, director Just for One Day)
Tonje Gjevjon (The Hungry Hearts, director and actor Life is a moment)
Edit Gjevjon (The Hungry Hearts, actor Life is a moment)
Mona Krager (The Hungry Hearts, actor Life is a moment)
Olga Nikitina (The Hungry Hearts)
Jan Soldat (director Der Unfertige, Haftanlage 4164, Der Besuch)
Maureen Bradley (director Two 4 One)
Wu Tsang (artist Moved by the Motion, director Wildness / Girl Talk)
Boychild (artist Moved by the Motion)
Patrick Belaga (musician Moved by the Motion)
Silvan Noam Shimaon (protagonist Barash)
Marit Östberg (director When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere)
Liz Rosenfeld (protagonist When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere, director The Surface Tension trilogy)
Skyler Braeden Fox (director Hello Titty)                                                                                                                      PolMerchan (actor Hello Titty)
Gerald McCullouch (director, actor Daddy, Bear city2)
Charles Atlas (director Locale / Hail the new puritan)
Esther Hoffenberg (director  Violette Leduc: In Pursuit of Love)
Chris Belloni (Director of International Queer and Migrant Film Festival in Amsterdam)
Sebastiaan Kas (director One Kingdom, One Love)
Sofia Apostolidou (panel Political Fatties Panel)
Hodan Wasame (panel Political Fatties Panel)
Andrea Alessandro La Bozzetta (Director Amore Prossimo)
Andrea Lopez Barrantes (Minus is Válido – director La Máscara)
Naya Pascual Espinoza (Minus is Válido – director La Máscara)
Maria Basura (Minus is Válido – director, La Máscara)