The Hungry Hearts at Outview Film Festival 2016


 The Hungry Hearts, a Norwegian art collective of women, is visiting Outview film festival!

Most known in Greece for their International Lesbian Anthem “In your Face” the band is looking forward to give an unforgettable live performance concert at the Outview Lesbian Party and to premiere their film “Life is a moment” in Athens!

With roots in the in the visual arts the group makes video art, installations, live art performances and electro pop music, and are not afraid of crossing borders. In 2015 they released the feature film “Life is a moment” in coproduction Bollywood. The film is set to premiere in Greece on Saturday 16 of April as part of the Outview program.

This year The Hungry hearts made the step into mainstream culture, by being selected as one of ten artists to compete in the Norwegian national final of Eurovision with Laika, an electro-pop song about the space dog sent up into space in Sputnik II. The lyrics “The streets of Moscow!,  With my girlfriend!” will stay as echoes in the Eurovision history although the band was not chosen to represent Norway in the end.

In March the album Dyke Forever was released and the songwriter Tonje Gjevjon describes the making of as this:
– When I make music and lyrics I think about outsiders and different sort of subcultures. Our first album is called « Dyke Forever » and is about queer culture, ladyboys, leatherdykes from hell, lesbian queens, crazy girls turning insane …and our next album is to be titled « Nerds and Emo Girls ». So I embrace and treasure those who dare to be different, those who make a difference and challenge the mainstream culture and mainstream tendencies.

Dyke Forever is available on all platforms, including iTunes and Tidal in addition to Spotify. The first single form the album is called Master Mind – Electric see Video here!