3rd Outview Film Festival 2009 (en)


“When I see beautiful things, I want to share them with the world, it’s like a reason for living for myself. A good book, a beautiful beach, fine restaurants, a wonderful person, an awesome movie. I want to share all these things and this wanting is even greater and compulsory when what I am sharing will help a community which is wronged, especially since I am part of that community.
I love cinema ever since I can remember and when I see a great film it’s like someone has given me a gift. It’s like a holistic therapy for my entire body and when I can identify myself in this film, as a woman, a lesbian or has my “deviant” community in it, the bars I go to, the mother who didn’t want a homosexual child or my cheating girlfriend or the boy next door who wants to change his sex or the homophobic man down the street, I want to see a film which will show how it is to grow up with different wants and needs, how my and your sexual identity came to be and the history of all this “perverted” community in my own country as well as in countries I have never visited.
The art of cinema is extremely emotional for me, it amazes me and I believe it is necessary for my life and my need to exist as a person. From this craving for quality cinema which shines a light on my life, came the LGBT film festival and the act of making a film programme is like a life’s dream and the way you present this programme and be judged for it is the point when your dream comes alive”

outview 2009


OUTVIEW 09 – 3rd Athens International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
25 – 31 MAY 2009

I think having watched over 150 queer films during the Easter holidays is a great score. I celebrated the resurrection of Christ for another year preparing the Athens International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. From our own couches in our homes but if the film is great it has the ability to take you all the way to the Philippines, where we witnessed “dirty sex” all the while looking for true love and where others were exchanging Easter wishes, I discovered director Crisado Pablo.

For me he is an excellent director from the Philippines and I am so glad I found out about his work and I can’t wait to show it to you.

We will screen two of his films, QuickTrip and M2M Eyeball which will take you deep into the gay community of Manila, where no tourist operator will be able to take you. Hold on tight to your seats because the possibility of falling in love with the protagonist is quite high.

This year’s Outview Film Festival had the boldness and the tenacity to grow even larger. A powerful 7 day cinema journey awaits you at Trianon Filmcenter. Seven days from the early afternoon until late at night, you will be able to enjoy films and exchange a few words in the cinema foyer later on and each night go crazy at the official parties taking place at the hottest queer places in Athens. A seven day journey which will bring us closer not only to the magic of cinema but also with us, our image and our differences.

This year’s Outview Festival takes you for a trip around the world. Through captivating documentaries you will be able to travel from Victorian England all the way to Zimbabwe and Pakistan. From magical Norway to the Czech Republic and of course stops to countries such as the USA, UK, France and Germany are also on the menu. We are also quite proud to have as an official guest this year Greek-German director Nicolas Flessa with his film “Straight” which premiered at Verzaubert festival.

We dive into the largest lesbian gathering of the world through Anna Margarita Albelo’s camera, and travel all the way to the borders of Israel and Palestine where the gay community comes together. We will also enjoy the first operatic film/documentary about HIV activism and experience homophobic Egypt with the Queen Boat. We will laugh at the lives of Fag Hags and discover the wonderful world of Bisexuality with the soundtrack of Fischerspooner, MGMT and others. From 11 year old crushes to seniors coming out late in life, from Hustla Ball gay parties to amputee romances, infidelity, sex, lesbian film noirs, tender love stories, parodies, comedies, humorous safe sex suggestions, you will find all these at this year’s Outview Festival.

For one more year we are proud of all the work in our programming and want to showcase this in Athens.

This year’s festival opening film is the Berlinale award winning documentary “City of Borders” from Israel. Once you see the film you will instantly understand the reason behind our choice as an opening film.

We also have the honour of screening the also Berlinale award winning operatic documentary Fig Trees. Another excellent documentary you will see at the festival is Sex Positive and we will screen Maria Beatty’s new film noir, “Bandaged” and the adaptation of Sarah Waters’ “Affinity”, the sweet short film “Dish”, Bruce La Bruce’s subversive “Otto the Zombie” and the eccentric “Whispering Moon” which has screened in all major film festivals.

We are glad to have the support of Goethe Institut which is supporting us with two very captivating German films.

Get ready for the most wonderful seven day queer trip in our city
25 – 31 May 2009