1st Outview Film Festival 2007 (en)


Athens 1st Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
31 May – 3 June 2007
Trianon Cinema
21 Kodrigtonos Str., Athens

For the first time in Athens we have an International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Among the screenings we will notice “our own” award winning Greek directors and their films as well as other international films which have been awarded all around the world. Constantine Giannaris, Christos Dimas, Todd Verrow, Michael Stock and many others contribute to bringing to Athens the full spectre of queer culture.

 Outview Film Festival 2007 Ταινίες

The four day festival aims to cover the gap which exists in Athens in terms of queer cinema and culture. Films which would hardly have made it into a wider distribution or even screened at other Greek Film Festivals.

Humorous films, dramatic films, films dealing with rejection, sexuality, gender identity and documentaries both feature length and short about our queer lives will be screened during the festival.

June is the world’s Pride Month and along with all the other queer events which take place all over the world and in Athens we are setting the foundations for a festival which will become an institution in our city, a Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

After two years of organizing screenings and festivals, Proud Promotions is proud to begin the International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival at Trianon Film Centre.

Trianon Film Centre is a historic cinema which opened its doors in 1961 with the film “Never on Sunday”. During the ‘70s it was the most commercially popular cinema. Since 1997 it has built for itself a reputation of an arthouse cinema working closely with the Greek Film Centre and hosting other major festival such as Drama Short Film Festival, Thessaloniki Short Film festival and many retrospectives.

It is for these reasons that the 1st Gay and Lesbian Film festival should begin their screenings at Trianon Film Centre where you will get the chance to see many short and feature films which have been screened at Berlinale, Sundance, Frameline and many other international Film Festivals.